Stephanie Johnes is a creative professional who believes in the power of storytelling to transform hearts and minds. With more than 15 years of experience in independent film, she has worked across the development, financing, production, sales, marketing and distribution of numerous projects. She brings a diverse set of skills to filmmaking which include producing and directing, as well as an expertise in cinéma vérité camerawork.

Stephanie’s debut documentary feature, Doubletime, premiered at South by Southwest Film Festival, received numerous awards, and was acquired by Discovery Films.  She has since worked internationally as a producer/director and DOP on subjects ranging from modern dance, electric cars, street art, and jazz, to pro tennis, terrorism, champagne, and girls education. Her work has appeared on HBO, PBS, Showtime and A&E, as well as many top tier film festivals.

Stephanie is known for her calm demeanor and keen sense of humor, which shines under pressure. She is a nimble and resourceful producer who appreciates working with good people.

Stephanie graduated with a B.A. in in Fine Art –  Photography, from UC Boulder.  As a Park Scholar at UNC Chapel Hill, she received an M.A. in Journalism and Visual Communication.  She also holds MBA from Georgetown University.